Tips For Planning Your Wine Tour

Going on a wine tour can be an excellent way of learning more about these beverages while enjoying the beautiful scenery and delightful wine tastings. However, if you have never been on a wine tour, you may not be aware of the various steps that you should take to be prepared to maximize the enjoyment that you will get from this tour.

Be Aware That You May Be Unable To Drive After The Tour

Some individuals may greatly underestimate the amount that they may drink while they are on the tour. In addition to being provided with tastings, there will often be wine and cheese bars or service throughout the different stops for the tour. As a result, it can be easy to become too intoxicated to safely drive for sometime after the tour. To be prepared for this, you should have a designated driver for your trip. If you want to avoid this option, there are many shuttle services that will transport individuals to and from wineries for these tours.

Have An Option For Transporting Any Wine You May Purchase

One of the key benefits of going on a tour of a winery is that you will be able to easily purchase high-quality and potentially rare wines. Unfortunately, if you are not prepared to transport these wines, it could be easy to accidentally damage them. If you will be driving in your own vehicle, you should place cardboard storage boxes in the back seat or trunk. These boxes will allow you to prevent the wine from rolling around while you are driving. Furthermore, you should take cloth or paper so that you can pad the wine bottles to prevent them from banging into each other. If you will be going on a wine tour or using a shuttle service, you should take a backpack or other large bag that can be easily transported. Additionally, you should take several towels or other thick cloth to pad these bottles. It is important to use thicker padding as the bottles in the bag may shift around more.

Carry A Bottle Of Water With You

It is common for individuals to be able to taste a variety of different wines over the course of their tour. However, it can be difficult for you to enjoy the full taste of these different wines if you do not have something to clear your palate. By carrying a bottle of water with you, it will be easy to clear your palate before trying any new wines.

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