Three Excellent Alternatives To Typical Crowded Tourist Traps

If the usual tourist trap experiences aimed at those seeking fun family vacations have you feeling less than inspired, that's probably a sign that the time has come to stray from the beaten path. Following are just three of the many ways that you and your family can enjoy traveling together without ending up in a hot, crowded tourist trap:

Adventure Based Vacations

Adventure-based vacations are the type that creates bonding experiences that develop into lasting memories. An example of this type of travel is a rafting trip down one of the country's magnificent rivers. Rafting trips can be as short as half a day, or they can last up to a week or even longer, allowing you and other participants the opportunity to sleep under the stars. Other types of adventure based vacations include backpacking, hiking, deep sea fishing, and horseback trail riding trips. National Parks provide excellent all-purpose venues for those seeking travel adventures. 

Educational Travel Experiences 

Another great alternative to traditional tourist traps is planning an educational travel experience. This could be anything from visiting Denali National Park and spending the day wildlife viewing to going and taking a culture-based cruise down one of Eastern Europe's recently opened waterways. You can take the family to spend the night in a museum in the nation's capital, take your kids to Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, or visit Wassaw Island in Florida when the sea turtles are nesting in the sand. Even those on traditional vacations can sneak some educational activities into their itinerary -- visitors of Orlando's Disney World have the opportunity to enroll in a Disney Special Program that explores the entertainment industry's animation history. 

Other educational travel options include going on a photo safari in Africa, visiting ancient ruins in Peru, going birdwatching on Cape Horn, and taking a whale watching trip from one of the many available options located on the West Coast.

Free Range Vacations

If you've ever dreamed of simply hitting the open road with no clear destination in mind, you may be an ideal candidate for a free-range vacation. Just load up the kids and go off in the direction that interests you most -- just make sure that direction has adequate lodging and dining options. Contact your local educational tour service for more information on breaking out of the traditional travel rut and making meaningful vacation memories. 

Contact a company like Passports Educational Group Travel for more information and assistance. 

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