3 Amazing Small Beach Towns In Southern California

Planning your next summer getaway? Want to be as close the sand and surf as possible. Southern California might be the land of Hollywood, endless highways, and all the shopping you can imagine, but it is also riddled with quaint, old-fashioned beach towns. If you're headed west to catch some waves, or just to feel some warm sand between your toes, Cardiff By the Sea might be a perfect place to find beachfront vacation studios.

Cardiff By The Sea

The name says it all. Cardiff By The Sea is a quaint beach community just about 20 minutes north of downtown San Diego (well within the county limits). It hugs the coast, west of Interstate 5. Much of the town also lies west of the 101. Cardiff is a hilly community, surrounded by a lagoon and rich with state preserves. This helps to maintain the small town feel.


Cardiff is also home to several world-class surf breaks within less than two miles of each other. Seaside to the south is great for advanced surfers. Cardiff Reef is great for beginners but can get big and fast. It is a great wave for learning, but local pros surf here on a daily basis. To the north, you'll find Swami's, one of the best breaks for when the waves get big.

Camping and Other Adventures

Cardiff is also home to a state campground that rests right on the cliffs overlooking some of the best surf spots in San Diego. You can roll out of your tent and check the surf from the bluff. From the campgrounds, you can rent just about any "vehicle" to explore the Pacific. Stand up paddle boards, kayaks, surfboards, boogie boards, snorkels, wetsuits, and everything else you could possibly need can be cheaply rent for hourly, daily, or weekly rates.


Foodies will also love Cardiff. There are a number of highly rated restaurants, but you can find the locals eating one of the several hole-in-the-wall Mexican joints. As far as cheap eats go, Cardiff has is all. Great donut shops, pizza by the slice, $1 fish taco stands, and fast food. No matter what your food budget is, you will eat well in Cardiff.

Cardiff By The Sea is a little paradise. It feels like a tiny town without a completely unique vibe. Yet, it is conveniently located between downtown San Diego and Los Angeles. Contact a travel agency for more information. 

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